Researching Funds

We provide a range of filters and tools for you to narrow the Fund universe to reflect your requirements

Useful tools

Willis Owen provides a number of free, easy to use research tools to help you build your portfolio.

When choosing Funds to invest in, your first step should be : explore. You will have access to hundreds of Funds, but don't let that put you off because you can easily filter them to draw up your shortlist.

Also, you can compare the performance of your selected Funds against their benchmarks and other Funds you may be considering, using our interactive charting tool.

Specific information on each Fund is available including prices, yields, factsheets and reports.

Be better informed

: explore is powered by Financial Express (FE), a leader in the provision of investment data and portfolio analysis tools for investors.

FE has its own rating system (FE Crown Ratings) which is shown along with ratings awarded by Square Mile, our independent research partners. FE Crown Ratings are given to Funds that FE has shown to have superior performance on a consistent basis with relatively low volatility. Only Funds that FE believes to be of the highest quality are given a prestigious five FE Crown Rating.

Similarly FE Alpha Manager Ratings are only awarded to around 100 Fund Managers who score the highest in FE's analysis of the performance of over a thousand managers.

All this information and more is available at your fingertips through : explore, so you really can be better informed as you embark on Fund selection.

: explore

Use our Funds selection tools to narrow down the choices and find those which align with your investment goals and objectives.

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