Investment options

Take your financial future in the right direction. Learn the basics of the different investment options and choose what’s best for you and your goals.

Invest in Funds at Willis Owen


Join other investors in a professionally managed Fund. Whether you invest a lot or a little, you'll be able to spread the risk out and get exposure to a range of assets, such as equity, property, and bonds.

Use : explore to research funds and supporting data, so you can tailor your investments to your goals. Then choose an ISA, SIPP, JISA or GIA to hold your chosen options and manage everything online.

Select from hundreds of funds
Aim for income or growth
Research fund information
Track performance online


Become a part-owner of a company by buying shares. With access to the largest 350 companies on the London Stock Exchange, easy-to-use online tools and competitively priced fees, we'll help you fit investing into your everyday life.

Research our products to find out whether an ISA, SIPP, JISA or GIA is right for you and get your financial future started today.

Access the FTSE 350
Buy or sell during trading hours
Review Share prices and charts
Fixed fee trading
Invest in Shares at Willis Owen
Invest in Investment Trusts at Willis Owen

Investment Trusts

Invest widely without the hassle of managing each investment yourself. By contributing to an Investment Trust you can invest in a range of assets, such as shares, property and various securities.

The Trust's independent board of directors look after the interests of the shareholders and professional fund mangers choose the right investments to meet its goals.

Choose from leading popular Investment Trusts
Benefit from low fee trading
Trade during stock market hours
May trade at a discount (or premium) to its net asset value

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Choose a low cost, Passive investment option and take the next step into your financial future. ETFs track and replicate the performance of a particular stock index by investing in the same assets. So they are easy to understand and follow.

Browse our range of ETFs, read up on how they work and choose an ISA, SIPP, JISA or GIA to hold your investments.

Track an index of stocks like the FTSE 100
Dealing cost of only £7.50 per trade
Trade whenever markets are open
Wide range of investment opportunities
Invest in ETFs at Willis Owen

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